NASA NW Time Trial Round 3 – Portland International Raceway

Purchased a used 20 ft trailer a few days before the Portland event.  This was the first event in all my years of racing that I didn’t drive to and from the track in the “racecar”.

I took second place both Saturday and Sunday behind the 027 GT3. My times were 1:24.1 on Saturday and 1:24.3 on Sunday. Track configuration was with festival turns. TT2 was again the fastest group at the event. They had a mobile dyno so several of us got official whp numbers. My car ran 369 and the 027 GT3 was somewhere around 425 I think. The GT3 gained a lot of ground on the straights where hp/aero is more critical than hp/weight. I ran a 1:26.0 last time I was at PIR many years ago and pre-supercharger so I was a little disappointed with my times. I think I was consistently over slowing for T10. Pre-supercharger, I could downshift for T10 and not brake and that was enough to make the turn and then brake for T11. Now that I’m carrying more speed, I need to brake but probably not as much as I was. Another TT2 competitor lost it in T10 and wrecked into the tire wall so I was being extra cautious.




Gridded by laptime:

Final Results:
Saturday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:24.155
Sunday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:24.346

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