NASA NW Time Trial Round 4 – Oregon Raceway Park

Arrived at ORP during a massive rain storm after driving in 90 degree weather through the desert.  Weather was perfect during race time on Saturday and Sunday but the rain came each evening which made for a beautiful site.

Holy cow is ORP a fun track. The top speeds are reasonable and it has massive elevation changes (in car videos don’t do this track justice). I was shifting 20 times per lap and there is no long straight to rest on. 16 turns, blind corners, lots of banked and off camber corners. I don’t think any corner is flat. 
This was my first time at ORP and my competitors had lots of experience here so I needed to get up to speed quickly.  We ran clockwise on Saturday. I finished in 2nd again to the 027 Porsche GT3. My fastest lap was a 1:52.0. Sunday, we ran the course counter clockwise which seems faster but my fastest lap was a 1:52.6 which was enough for FTD/FTE/1st place in TT2. We only had 6 or 7 cars in our group and are gridded by laptime so it was essentially 80-90 miles of open track each day. CCW is scary. There are some high speed blind corners and several downhill off camber braking zones, but when you get it right, it’s awesome. Run off is also really good. The only thing you can hit is the concrete wall at pit exit. It’s on the inside of T16 but does get hit occasionally.

Some pictures/review from the ORP event:






Next event is Sept 14th/15th at PR. 
Final Results:
Saturday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:52.035
Sunday: 1st Place TT2, 1:52.664, Track Record
Was having video troubles so the only session I captured was the 1st on Saturday – learning the track.

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