NASA NW Time Trial Round 5 – Pacific Raceway

A return to Pacific Raceways.  After reviewing my data from the first event, I had some specific areas of the track I was hoping to improve on.  My previous best was a 1:32.7 and had a goal of 1:31. Dropped my fastest time to 1:30.3 on Saturday.  I was hoping to crack the 1:29’s on Sunday but the weather had other plans. First two sessions were very wet. 3rd session was dry except for 5a/b but I was on street tires and ran a 1:36.  I was getting reports of flames out the exhaust on Sunday and it started developing an internal rattle that got louder as the day progressed.  4th session was dry and I was on race tires but the car filled with exhaust noise, fumes, and heat after a few laps and I could only manage a 1:31.9 before bringing it in.  The resonator had ruptured and blown open which then melted one of the parking brake cables.  TT/HPDE 4 group was again very small so tons of wide open track time.  One of the TT3 competitors had a nasty wreck at Turn 1 in the wet.  This is the fastest section of the track.  Fortunately, the driver was OK.  The car was done.  Hope to see him back on track soon.

A big group of drifters also showed up to run the drift sessions. Pretty serious cars and talented drivers.


Final Results:
Saturday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:30.310
Sunday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:31.979

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