2013 NASA NW Time Trial Round 6 – Portland International Raceway

Final Round of the 2013 NASA NW season.  Previous best time at Portland was a 1:24.1.  
Saturday was raining lightly all morning, which combined with a film of migrating goose poop, made for a slippery and slow track.  After driving in the rain on my old street tires at the last event and having zero grip, I decided to put on my 35 heat cycle Kumho V710’s which are DOT-approved slicks.  The grip was predictably low but seemed much more consistent than the street tires at Pacific Raceways.  The slow conditions caused several competitors to opt out of driving for the day.  Too bad because the last session was dry and I ran a 1:23.252 for 2nd place.  This was nearly a second faster than my previous best and after reviewing the data and video Saturday night, I knew a 1:22 was possible.
Sunday was dry and cold and TT2 had the largest field of the season.  A Turbo Miata set the pace on the first session with a 1:22.7 and an E46 M3 in second with a 1:23.9.  Times dropped throughout the day with the Miata in the lead and the M3’s (E46 and E92) and me trading positions in 2nd though 4th.  The standings as of the third session:  #46 in 2nd with a 1:22.654, Me in 3rd with a 1:23.037 (so close to a 1:22), and #28 with a 1:23.140 in 4th.  Final round of the day and season and I pushed as hard as I could, as did everyone else.  The Miata broke the transmission on the first lap.  #46 and #28 were swapping positions while I slowly reeled them in.  Final results were Miata sitting on 3rd session times for 1st, #28 making up huge ground with a 1:22.281 for 2nd, I cracked the 1:22’s with a 1:22.379 for 3rd, and #46 finished 4th with a 1:22.556.  These were personal best times for all 4 of us.  5th through 7th were a few seconds back.












Final Results:
Saturday: 2nd Place TT2, 1:23.252
Sunday: 3rd Place TT2, 1:22.379

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