2013 NASA NW Time Trial TT2 Championship

Official results are in.  Jared Floyd wins the NASA NW TT2 Championship!

2013 in Review:
This was a fantastic year for NASA NW.  Andy and the NASA crew are well organized and put on a great event every time.
This was the first year for NASA in the NorthWest and competition was variable.  By the end of the season, there were full classes with contingency awards for top finishers.  As with most championships, this one was won with consistency.  The Sector One Design S2000 didn’t win them all but finished all 12 events on the podium.  The best part was competing with friendly and talented drivers.  
Season results available here:
Really looking forward to racing with NASA NW in 2014.  I hope to see the competition from last year and look forward to meeting new competitors at the upcoming events.  The S2000 is currently on the lift and getting prepared for more racing with a focus on continued reliability and a bit more speed.  I’ll post updates as they progress.  Currently working on installing a Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank to eliminate fuel starve that was costing a little time exiting long corners, oiling system to prevent low oil pressure conditions, slight tweaks to suspension setup, weight reduction, and if time permits, some aero development.

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