Off-season changes

In preparation for the 2014 Time Trial season, several changes were made.  Mostly maintenance and reliability related but also some weight savings and chassis tuning.  These include the following:

Install Radium Auto Fuel Surge Tank
Install Accusump and oil pressure gauge/logging
Increase rear spring rate
Replace all wheel bearings
Replace front a-arm compliance bushings – Left side had been torn for several years
Install Radium Auto Competition Catch Can
Replace brake lines
Replace all fluids
Fabricate Oil Filter safety tether
Remount Battery to eliminate battery tray and lower cg
Redesign fuel tank vent so there are no issues when adding fuel
Radio and Speaker delete
Steering wheel air bag delete
Carpet delete
Remove interior sound deadening
Remove trunk trim
Install GoPro with remote microphone
Corner weight and align
S DSC_0420


S DSC_0505


S DSC_0413




Gauge Int


S DSC_0416

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