Radium Auto Fuel Surge Tank install and review

Radium Auto now makes a Fuel Surge Tank specifically for the S2000.  It comes complete with wiring and fuel hoses with quick disconnects to tap into the factory system.  The location used by the Radium FST is occupied by the rear legs of my roll bar so I moved it to the trunk area and ordered longer fuel hoses.  I have been logging fuel pressure for several years and have been using a prototype fuel accumulator to reduce fuel starve conditions.  The fuel accumulator works great for auto-x and short tracks but tracks with really long high g-load corners require greater capacity.  Even with a full tank, I was measuring fuel pressure drops down to 35.0 psi in specific corners such as T6 at Portland (a slightly off camber left hander following a very long right hander).  With the Radium Fuel Surge Tank, no accumulator and running only 3 gallons of fuel, minimum fuel pressure is 46.4 psi which happens during off throttle conditions vs the 35.0 psi which was during acceleration when pressure should have been 50+ psi.  After two race weekends, this is still working awesome.  No fuel pressure issues and weight saved by only running 3 gallons of fuel.  I’ve been really impressed with the quality and performance of the Radium Fuel Surge Tank.  So impressed that I also bought a Radium Competition Catch Tank that is also a very nicely designed and manufactured part.


S DSC_0412


Radium FST


Fuel Pressure with Radium FST


S DSC_0420





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