2014 NASA NW Time Trial Round 3 – Pacific Raceways

Only one stop at Pacific Raceways for the 2014 NASA NW season.  Turns 7 and 8 were recently refinished which meant possible changes to the driving line to optimize the new grip.  Pacific is a technical track with high speeds and little room for error.  This is my fifth time at the track and I still have a lot to learn.

Changes to the car include installation of Urge Design AP Racing front brake kit with Hawk DTC-70 pads and TSW Interlagos 17 X 9.0 front wheels to clear the brakes.  I also re-scaled the car after getting some inside wheel spin on tight right hand corners during the previous event at the Ridge.  Sure enough, the cross weights were off by about 1.5% – easy fix.

With the new brakes and increased rear roll stiffness, I was able to brake later and increase mid-corner speed.  This resulted in a reduction of about 0.9 seconds.  The recently paved T7-T8 resulted in carrying more speed through T7 and higher mid-corner speed through T8 which lopped off another 1.3 seconds.

2014 Second Fastest vs 2013

Previous best time at Pacific was a 1:30.3 – new best time was a 1:28.1.  TT2 had 6 competitors on Saturday and 5 on Sunday which means contingency prizes of 2 Hoosiers each day and $150 Hawk Bucks.  Thanks to Hoosier and Hawk for supporting NASA Time Trial events.  With the Hawk Bucks received from the previous event at the Ridge, I purchased DTC-70 pads for the AP Racing Calipers for very little out of pocket cash and I’m very happy with the DTC-70 performance.  I’ll be trying DTC-60 or DTC-70’s for the rear.  Radium Auto Fuel Surge Tank continues to work great.  Fuel and oil pressures are safe and stable.

Fastest lap on Saturday:

Fastest lap on Sunday:

Pictures of the event located here:  http://headonphotos.net/gallery/NASA/NASANW14-3/

Thanks to Andy and NASA NW crew for another great event.

Final Results:

Saturday: 1st Place TT2, 1:28.805

Sunday: 1st Place TT2, 1:28.156


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