2015 Season Prep

In the NorthWest US we get cold and wet winters.  The downside is that racing comes to a halt.  I’m sometimes envious of regions that have sunny and warm weather year-round where the racing season never ends.  The upside is that I get to take a break from racing and prepare the car for the upcoming season.

Major changes in the works for 2015:

– Forgestar 17 X 10 wheels

– Spoon Gusset plates for the front A-Arm mounts (reinforcement to prevent mounts from tearing out)

– Spherical Bearings in all A-Arms provided by BlackTrax/Kingpin Machine http://www.blacktraxstore.com/Kingpin-Machine-Sphericals_c_66.html

– Custom Rear Toe Arms

– Stage 2 Differential with HPD Spec OS Giken LSD built by PuddyModRacing

– Aero – still in development (new rear wing, hardtop, front splitter, etc)

I will be testing and reviewing each modification once I get some miles on the parts.


Parts Sector One Design


Arms 2 Sector One Design


Arms 1 Sector One Design


Diff Sector One Design


Wheel 1 Sector One Design


Wheel 2 Sector One Design


Wheel 3 Sector One Design


Wheel 4 Sector One Design




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