August testing with Turn2 at the Ridge

Track day at the Ridge Motorsports Park on August 15th.

Huge turnout.  Fun day. Great to see so many S2000’s (~25) and catch up with people I haven’t seen in several years.
I was testing some new front aero that was cobbled together a few days before the event. The first two sessions, I was struggling with rear tires that had no grip. I then switched to some other old tires that still lacked grip but had good balance front to rear. Times were slow due to tires and traffic and other excuses. Best lap was a 1:50 flat which is a long way from my 1:46 fastest lap from last year.

Here are two screen shots comparing my fastest lap on Saturday 1:50 (red/orange traces) to my fastest lap last year 1:46 (blue/purple traces). Car is pretty much the same (little heavier now with passenger seat and harness) but using old tires with more heat cycles. The primary difference in lap time is due to not being as aggressive into T1, T7, and T10. I was braking a little too much for T1 and I was lifting early for T7 and T10 (see the speed trace orange vs teal). My Lateral G’s were pretty close but max Lat G’s on Saturday were down about .1-.2 G’s due to old tires. Top speed on front straight is down about 2 mph. Initially I thought it might be due to more drag from the front aero but, from the data, it looks like I just shifted early at the 3-4 shift. 4th and 5th gear pulls look to have the same rate of acceleration. 6th gear pull looks like it might be a little slower.

The magenta line below shows lap time difference which starts at 0 and increases as I lose time. I actually picked up a half second going into T6 but lost a little bit of that mid-corner. The huge step is at T13 where the new track resulted in a 1.3 second increase in lap time. Cursor is on the entry where lap difference is flat going in on first picture (Lap Time Difference = 1.66 seconds). Cursor is at mid-corner of T14 on second picture (Lap Time Difference = 2.93 seconds). This was pretty consistent across multiple laps reviewed. This time difference will vary with speed of car, grip of tires, momentum car/hp car, etc.
That being said, I think the revised layout is at least a second slower this year.
…Or perhaps I just suck at the new T13.

T13 Initial
T13 Final

Using some scrap materials laying around, I added some extensions to the sides/corners of the splitter along with end fences and some spats to obscure the front tires.  The hope was to increase aero bias towards the front as I have been feeling a high speed push (most noticeable at Sonoma).  The new aero did change the balance at high speeds.  I need further testing with new tires all around to fully quantify the results and make further adjustments/optimizations but the results were positive.

S2000 S1D Ridge
Video from the first 5 sessions below. Last sessions of the day included a speed limit at T9-T11 due to an earlier off that took out a tire wall and guardrail. Temporary safety barriers were put in place and a speed limit was enforced.








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