The intent of this blog is to report the latest projects at Sector One Design and share racing results.  

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More to come…


  1. Love looking at updates to your car and it looks to be an excellent example of a successfully boosted track car. I love seeing lots of one off parts. I’m curious about a few of the new things. What is the exact sizing on the new 17×11 wheels? What size tire are you planning to run?

    Also, the custom rear toe arms…those something you pieces together yourself? Interested in seeing a little more info about them.


    1. Thanks! The new wheels are 17 x 10 (11″ was a typo) and offset is 50 or 55mm. I’ll be running Hoosier A7 or R7’s in 245/40-17. The Hoosier A/R7’s are wide and should fit perfectly on the 10’s. The A/R6’s fit very well on my 9’s but the 7’s are much wider and it made a noticeable difference in sidewall flex.
      Toe arms are all off-the-shelf parts. The arms and tapered studs may require minor tweaks to fit perfectly but both were really inexpensive. I spent a lot of money on the rod ends to get some of the best available. I think I have over $500 into the parts but could put these together for under $200 with cheaper rod ends.

  2. I seen your youtube video I’ve been a fan of your car for sometime now are you willing to offer your front splitter and rear wing supports for sale ?

  3. Hello!

    Very nice setup. I got a Rotrex compressor on my S2000 as well and I am interested in your bottom mount bracket. Can you please get in touch with me?

  4. Hey, I’m pretty sure that photo of V43 in 2008 is me driving! I bought V53 and am currently restoring it down in so cal! Awesome to see the first of it’s body style back up and running!!

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