Car Life: Beauty in Refinement – Honda S2000 –

I met individuals of the Singular Entity crew at various track events over the last few years.  Nice guys with a passion for cars and telling a story in a unique way.  I’ve been a fan of their photography and videos for a while.

Austin and I spoke often about supercharging and data logging because he built a track Miata with a Rotrex supercharger and there’s a pretty small group of us that are running these hard on the track.  Austin asked me if I’d be interested in being featured in one of their videos and my response was an enthusiastic “yes”.

It was fun to see the filming side of the process.  We spent probably 2 hours filming the interview portion in my shop and another few hours filming street driving shots near my house and on Chuckanut Drive.  It’s really interesting to see how they condensed all that into 6 minutes.  It was a chilly spring day in the Northwest with overcast skies.  Not ideal driving or filming conditions.  Chuckanut Drive is an amazing road that follows the coastline of Bellingham and has really fun corners and beautiful views.  The massive trees lining the road kept the asphalt shaded and wet.  Grip levels were low especially with cold temps and R888’s.  Fortunately, traffic was also low and all but one shot was done in one take.





Here’s the description of the YouTube video:

Born a natural Honda nut, Jared brings new meaning to “DIY”. With a background in mechanical engineering, every part added to this car was designed and meticulously planned by himself. From working as a Honda technician to doing full blown CAD and custom fabrication work, Jared brings new meaning to a grassroots build. Everything with this car has a purpose from removing the A/C compressor and replacing it with a different compressor, to the V-mount intercooler and custom aero. Jared takes us through his Honda journey from his adolescent Civic days to the mature ownership of the S2000.

Power is one thing, but control is another. Having learned suspension setup from working directly with Ohlins engineers, Jared’s performed his own suspension construction magic of taking an ATV shock and applying them to an automotive chassis.

Addressing the torqueless Honda with a supercharger has allowed him to keep up with the high horsepower cars, with a measly 345hp to the rear wheels. Nowadays you’re more likely to see Jared blow away in the straights and in the corners if you ever see him coming up in your rearview mirror.

Special thanks to Jared for the additional footage

Cinematography & music produced by Singular Entity – Gary Chan, Austin Tsai, Ken Au-Yeung & Jonathan Lau

Thank you to the Singular Entity crew.  Check out their other videos and content:



Driver History

The driver for #39 Sector One Design S2000 is Jared Floyd.

A Northwest native with a passion for motorsports.  A mechanical engineer by trade and education with a specialization in Vehicle Design from the Vehicle Research Institute @ WWU.  Jared got his start racing cars through Auto-X in the mid 90’s and has been competing in Auto-X and Time Trial events ever since.  Time Trial racing brings two great passions together: driving and engineering.  The Time Trial regulations are relatively open and allow for creativity and optimization.  All fabrication, data logging and analysis, engine tuning, damper valving, maintenance, engine building and chassis set up is performed by Jared at Sector One Design.
Driving Record:
103 Competition Starts
0 DNF’s
4 Championship Wins
85 Podium Finishes
33 Wins

Driving highlights:

1st Place 2015 NHA/WMC MARYHILL HILL CLIMB SSM – 2:00.280 Track Record, Fastest Door Slammer (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place 2014 NASA NW Time Trial Championship – TT2 (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place 2013 NASA NW Time Trial Championship – TT2 (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place 2012 SCCA Northwest Region Club Trials – CSSM (2002 Honda S2000)

3rd Place 2012 SCCA National Tour Packwood – BSP (1995 BMW M3)

3rd Place 2012 SCCA National Tour San Diego – BSP (1995 BMW M3)

2nd Place 2010 Pacific Grand Prix Lap Attack Championship – Pro RWD (2002 Honda S2000)

2nd Place 2008 Mazda Grand Prix of Portland Driving Sports Time Attack – PRO RWD (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place 2005 SCCA Northwest Region Club Trials – B Street Prepared (2002 Honda S2000)

2nd Place Season Championship 2006 Western Washington Sports Car Council  – Open Street (2002 Honda S2000)

3rd Place Season Championship 2006 Northwest Region SCCA – Street Modified 2 (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place Season Championship 2003 Northwest Region SCCA – A-Street Prepared (2002 Honda S2000)

1st Place Season Championship 2003 Western Washington Sports Car Council – Improved A (2002 Honda S2000)

2nd Place Season Championship 2002 Western Washington Sports Car Council – Improved A (2001 Honda S2000)